Chocolate Curvature

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    • Main Contact Person : Murtuza Nayani
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             Chocolate Curvature acclimated in Icecream products.
    Company Name : Nisar Food Industries
    Legal Representative/Business Owner : Murtuza Nayani
    Company Address : F-5 / A, Estate Avenue-Site
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    Year Established : 1979
    Number of Employees : 450 to 499 Pepole
    Industry : Food & Beverage
    Main direction : Sale & Buy
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    Chocolate Curvature Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Beans, Chocolate Coated Biscuits, Sweet Supari, Saunf Supari Chocolate Curvature

    Brands : For You Milk Chocolate Beans
             Nisar Food Industries is a privately owned company based in Karachi Pakistan engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of high quality Chocolate Sweet Supari Saunf Supari and Confectionery products. Founded in 1979 since then Nisar Food has been taking care of the sweet tooth of its clients making mouth freshener mukhwas and chocolate candies that have tickled the palate of different consumer preferences. Our products include sweet supari saunf supari chocolate bars chocolate coated biscuits and chocolate beans. With one taste of a Nisar product you will experience more than 27 years of passion. Nisar Food Industries has always given importance to market changes and consumer preferences and has the ability to keep a step ahead of them. Our product development team is responsible for some of the industrys most innovative new products. We combine the art and science of chocolate making developing products through ardent experimentation. We passionately explore the taste texture and appearance until we find the perfect balance. Customers know they can turn to us for new and exciting products while maintaining a consistent level of excellence throughout the product line. Our success is not simply due to developing the right products. Its a unique combination of innovation and determination.
    • Nisar Food Industries
    • Main Contact Person : Murtuza Nayani
    • Company Phone : 92-21-2571275
    • Mobile Phone : 92-21-2571275
    • Company Fax : 92-21-2565935
    • Company Address : F-5 / A, Estate Avenue-Site
    • Postal Code : 75700