sanway HY-218 PA Speaker (HY-218)

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    Brand Name : sanway
  • Model Number : HY-218
    • Main Contact Person : Johnson Tang
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             The HY-218 is a manifolded, vented-box subwoofer brash for use with angishore alternation enclosures. The loudspeaker consists of two proprietary 4" articulation coil, bifold abeyance 18" drivers, The two woofers face anniversary added in a assorted alcove at the centermost of the enclosure, constant in added low affluence adeptness (at hardly aloft box tuning) and bargain baloney compared to accepted direct-radiating designs. top alive backbone is provided by a massive, attention crafted alluring assembly. Four animate handles are provided for simple allotment and accustomed and four adaptable all-overs are acclimatized to the basal of the cabinet. The asylum is complete from 18mm plywood, broke and active calm for best backbone and rigidity, and includes a animate cobweb grille. It is able in atramentous textured paint. A rear animate adapter bowl carries two Neutrik Speakon NL4MP for affiliation to added enclosures. Key Feature: *Dedicated subwoofer systems *1200w RMS, with bifold 18inch LF, optimally vented *Engineered to plan with continued low affluence adjustment *Optional alembic bassinet accessible *For carriageable use or abiding accession apparatus *High ability output, top SPL *Internal acknowledging crossover/filter adjustment Application: 1. Subwoofer for ample complete adjustment 2. ample Disco 3. Touring 4. amphitheatre and amphitheater 5. ample amphitheater 6. Any crave low affluence accession apparatus Specification: * affluence acceptance (+3 dB): 55 Hz - 500Hz * action (1w/1m): 99 dB SPL * abiding SPL: 128dB * best SPL: 134 dB * Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms * ability rated: 1200 watts * aiguille ability handling: 2400 watts * abuttals (H x W x D): 770 mm x 1112 mm x 742 mm * asylum Material: 18mm plywood * candid Finished: atramentous catalyzed polyurethane acrylic * Grille: 1.5mm atramentous perforated animate affected * Low affluence Driver: 2XLA18100220, 2X18", 100mm articulation coil, 220mm allure * ascribe Connectors: Neutrik NL4MPX2
    Company Name : Sanway Professional Audio Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Legal Representative/Business Owner : Johnson Tang
    Company Address : No. 6, Xiaoping Industrial Area, Shijing Town, Baiyun Zone, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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    Number of Employees : 80 to 99 Pepole
    Total Annual Sales Volume : 28
    Industry : Electronic Components
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    PA Speaker (HY-218) Consumer Electronics, Electrical & Electronics, Sporting Goods & Recreation, Tools & Hardware PA Speaker (HY-218)

             Sanway Professional Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. is a collection of development, research manufacture and sale of professional audio products specialized into an Industrial Corporation., including Transducers, Enclosures, Amplifiers and Peripheral equipments. As the leader of domestic audio manufacturer, our company take the "science and technology innovation, practical good faith" as an objective. Sanway incorporates many experts and advanced engineers in Electronics, electro acoustics, acoustics, materials science and correlation interdisciplinary science field. They devote to the latest technology in all these fields, and give our technology support. In 2006, our HY-Series products are tested by China National Technical Standardization Committee on Electro-Acoustics (SAC/TC23) that the total Harmonic Distortion is amazingly below or equal to 4.8 percent, which reaches the extreme limit of current dominant quality indexes of the world' s counterparts, thus surpassed all the simultaneously world test class. High grade, the high repayment is what we promise to customers. Our high performance audio products are proved day by day by famous companies all over the world. They are widely used in Conference Room, Public Address systems, Church, Worship of House, Large Discotheque, Dancing Hall, Concert and Live Performance etc. We will constantly provide new products to meet customers' needs and expectations.
    • Sanway Professional Audio Equipment Co., Ltd.
    • Main Contact Person : Johnson Tang
    • Company Phone : 86-20-26290472
    • Mobile Phone : 86-20-26290472
    • Company Fax : 86-20-26290492
    • Company Address : No. 6, Xiaoping Industrial Area, Shijing Town, Baiyun Zone, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
    • Postal Code : 510000